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What is Paper Trail?


You can count on us.

No matter what your situation If your ex is harassing you if a loved one goes missing, even if you’re caught in a conduit situation… Detective Emilio Brunberg is on the case.


Security Trained, professional bodyguards are on call 24/7 to keep you and your family safe

Research Our staff is knowledgeable and helpful in everything from navigating confusing legal waters to tracking down long lost friends and relatives.

Surveillance There are evil forces at work in our community, and Brunberg has the technology to monitor their every move.

Locate Whether a runaway case, a kidnapping, or an estranged family member, our team specializes in tracking down missing persons safely and effectively.

Trust Above all, our firm prides itself on confidentiality and mutual respect.


Due to the extremely sensitive nature of our business, we offer the following quotes anonymously.


"I thought I'd never see my baby boy again - I worried that I'd never feel his sweet hugs. Emilio gave me the best gift a mother could ever receive: hope."

"Every day was worse than the one before–a waking nightmare. My ex-husband wouldn’t stop harassing me wherever I went. At work, my kid’s school, I even found him hiding in my house. Detective Brunberg helped me gather the evidence I needed to mount my defense, helped me secure a restraining order, and most importantly gave me peace of mind. Thank you."

"No more sleepless nights now that I have the watchful eye of the Brunberg Agency looking out for me!"

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